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God's mighty hand is still at work! 

  It has been a most blessed time since the release of 'Reflections' and we want to extend our [The Johnson Family's] thanks to all of our most gracious and dedicated supporters and fans.  God's mighty hand is still at work in our ministry and continues every day as we strive towards our goal of Heaven.  We pray that you have Christ Jesus in your heart and that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are saved from Hell and a eternity away from the light of Christ, the mighty hand of God the Father and the peacefulness of His precious Holy Spirit.

  And remember that salvation is something that is as easy as the ABC's.

Isaiah Johnson Releases New Project 

Nashville (September 10, 2018) Isaiah Johnson recently released a new project produced by award winning producer Les Butler. The project, Reflections, was recorded in Nashville, TN with Gospel Music's top musicians. The song features songs from award winning songwriters. "I have been blessed to receive some truly incredible songs for this album. I believe they will impact lives for Christ," stated Isaiah Johnson.

The album is now available at

It's always a blessing to work with a young artist who is passionate about spreading the message of Christ. Isaiah is talented but more importantly, he sings for the right reason.”

— Les Butler, Butler Music Group